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Military Families

As a military spouse for 15 years, I understand that military life has its own collection of issues that impact us both on the individual level and as families. The current culture of military life is still not supporting us in the ways we need, and sometimes we need to regroup and reconnect to each other. The last 20+ years have created a pace of family separations and PCS moves that don't allow time for us to pause and reflect on how it has impacted us.


Therapy can help heal by creating a space where we can get to know ourselves and our loved ones again.

A unique set of challenges

Frequent Moves

Military families deal with a lot of uncertainty.  Not knowing if we can make plans for next year, not knowing where our kids will go to school, dreaming of a "forever house" while making things work in what can feel like a temporary space. 

Frequent Seperations

Deployments are just one slice of the proverbial pie of separations. TDY, field time, and schools can take your service member away at anytime. These lead to patterns of reintegration that we can actually come to become dependent on in our relationships. 

Cultural Consideration

Having a therapist who truly understands the culture of military life can make a significant impact on your progress in reaching your goals. I can help you to access resources available to you, see things from a new perspective, and find your place in this culture. 

My Approach

With my 15 years as a military spouse, I have learned a lot about the challenges we face and have spent the last 6 years supporting military families as they find their way through them. When I work with military couples, I offer a path toward a deeper understanding of each other's experiences and needs. When I work with military spouses and teens, I offer both empathy and space to explore what they need to be able to thrive in this life.


While there are a lot of challenges to overcome in military life, the benefits and adventure are there for us when we are getting our needs met.

I want to help you get there.

SOF Network Provider

Proudly serving the special operation community and their families. 

The SOF Network directory aims to be a central hub for the SOF community and their families in assisting them to locate trusted licensed mental health providers. SOF Network providers have been personally recommended by SOF members (active duty/retired) and or family members. These providers regularly work alongside SOF service members and their families in aiding them in all their mental and behavioral health needs.

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