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Therapy for Relationships

Relationships require attention. There are benefits for seeking therapy to support your relationships at all stages and for a variety of reasons. Making the decision to pursue relationship counseling can feel like a last resort for many people, but I have seen families find hope and connection through this process. 

Couples therapy is a journey towards strengthening your relationship and building a deeper connection with your partner. I strive to offer a supportive, safe space where you can explore your communication and rekindle your passion. Together we'll work towards a future full of hope and a stronger relationship.

My Approach

Where do we begin?

Often, couples are hesitant to begin therapy due to fears that it will make things worse. Often, we avoid talking about our worries and distance from our partners because we are afraid of what we might expose. This avoidance can last for years while you feel like you are slowly (or not slowly) drifting apart. Clear, compassionate, and direct communication of our thoughts, fears, and needs can help us find relief from loneliness in our relationships


Most couples enter therapy with the goal to "improve communication."  I offer both tangible tools to address communication skills, but also exploring what emotional roadblocks might be preventing you from being truly open to connecting with your partner. 

Intimacy and Affection

How do we feel more connected and light that fire that attracted us to our partner in the first place? Anyone who has been in a long term relationship knows the lonliness that can arise when we feel like we're disconnected from our partner. Therapy can help to rediscover our partners and feel seen again. 

The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply. 
                                                                                           - Stephen R. Covey

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