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Living with ADHD

Whether you have a formal diagnosis, or suspect you might have traits of ADHD, you know how it can affect your relationships, self worth, and ability to manage all the roles we take on. 

I work with adults, adolescents (16 and older), and their families to learn how to stop beating yourself up for not fitting into the boxes our society tries to put us in.  I can help you to find ways to work WITH your brain instead of feeling shame for not being good enough. 

*I do NOT offer full psychological evaluations for diagnosing ADHD. 

My Approach

Tools to support your progress 

Over the last few years, ADHD has come to the forefront as a condition that impacts more of us than we previously realized. This has lead to a massive increase in conversations about how to feel more "productive" and successful. All of this information can be overwhelming.. and for those of us with ADHD it can be difficulty to decide where to start...


I can help you sort through the noise to identify the resources that are the best fit for you and help with accountability to reach your goals.  

Honoring your strengths

Living with ADHD can come with many moments of shame, and it can be easy to forget how you contribute to our family, co-workers, and community. I will help you to create practices to increase your awareness of your strengths and improve you ability to prioritize what matters.  

Learning to feel worthy of taking up space. 

Living with ADHD can lead to chronic feelings of overwhelm, unworthiness, and anxiety. Living with ADHD can mean living in fear of dropping a ball and letting others down. This can lead to people pleasing behaviors and fear of being "too much" or "not enough." I want to help you to take up more space and feel worthy of it! 

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