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frequently asked questions

Stephanie Shubert, LMFT ADHD therapist
How much will therapy cost?

$125 per 53 minute individual session.

$150 per 75 minute couple session. 

Can I utilize my insurance?


If you are interested in utilizing your out of network benefits to help with the cost, we can help you determine your benefits. Payment is due at the time of service and I will send you a superbill to submit for potential reimbursement. 

If you plan on utilizing your out of network benefits, please be aware that they will require me to submit a diagnosis to pay for our time together. In addition, it is rare for insurance companies to cover family therapy, but we can help you to determine your benefits. 

How do I choose the right therapist for me?

Choosing a therapist is a very personal decision. I encourage you to look for someone who specializes in an area that aligns with your concerns, but also to listen to your gut and pick someone that you feel as though you can trust. A therapeutic relationship is still a human one and you need to feel safe enough to allow them in to your internal world.  Trust yourself and ask for what you need. 

Can I expect to feel better right away?

I wish I could say that healing was a linear journey. I strive to offer a take away each time we meet to help lift you up, but sitting with our past can often bring up emotions, memories and shame that we would rather keep ignoring. When these thoughts come up, I encourage you to trust the process and trust yourself that you can make peace your fear. 

Can I see you for both individual and couples counseling?

While there may be times we do individual sessions as a part of family counseling, the quick answer to this question is ​no. When working with a couple, the relationship is the client. Your individual therapist should be focused on your needs and align with your goals, which might be different that the goals for your relationship. 

Is online therapy as good as being in person?

This is another example of a personal choice, the research has shown both to be effective. While there are times I miss being in the room with you, I think about all the moms who are able to attend while their child naps. I think about how I am able to continue working even though my kids are home sick, leading to increased consistency for my clients. Some people say feel more comfortable being able to sit with difficult subjects in the safety of their own space. I am grateful to be able to continue our work together even when I am moving across the country to our new duty station. ​If you're not sure how you'll feel about it, I encourage you to give it a chance to see how it fits with your life and your needs. 

I think I (or my child) might have ADHD, can you assess me for this?

While I can document and treat for a diagnosis of ADHD based on your previous diagnosis,  my observations, and assessment scales; I am not qualified to complete the psychological evaluation schools and prescribers would require. 

Do you offer a free consult?

Yes! I'd love the opportunity to connect and see if we'd be a good fit to achieve your goals. If I'm not it, I can guide you to the resources that might be what you're looking for. Please complete the contact form or email me at to schedule. 

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